Meet The Band

Jeff Manning


⚡️ Vocals | Guitar ⚡️

Jeff Manning, born in Mt. Vernon and moved to Sunbury at the age of six. He started playing music in 8th grade and unexpectedly fell in love with the guitar. Jeff’s voice and lyrical writing is unmatched and has been called striking, otherworldly, and powerful. A hard working maintenance professional who loves all things horror related, can fry a mean salmon, and an all around good guy!

Jon Gunder


⚡️ Drums ⚡️

Jon Gunder, born in Columbus with roots in Delaware, took to the drums at an early age of 6 and was self taught ever since. Having played in a handful of local bands he has always felt the most comfortable on stage behind a kit. Jon’s energy seems to radiate and is infectious to those watching. He is a family man at heart, loves the Cleveland Browns, and can build almost anything!

Jarrod Pinkerton


⚡️ Bass ⚡️

Jarrod Pinkerton, born and raised in Columbus, grew up with major rock influences like Roger Waters that led him to a life of playing music for over 20 years. Laying down a smooth bass, Jarrod’s live performance sheds light on how much his fingers dance up and down that fretboard. A tattoo artist and body piercer at Atattooed in Westerville, he enjoys spending time with his children, creating art, and paranormal experiences!


Cream Camino is a loud alt-rock band from Columbus, OH that offers unforgettable original tunes and cover songs like you’ve never heard them before. Comprised of just 3 members - Jeff, Jon, & Jarrod - often people are left wondering how they create such an amazing full sound. Cultivating fans everywhere they go - guarantee you’ll be left wanting more!